Asociación Civil

for the GNU & Linux and F/OSS (Free and Open Source Software) communities
Founded in 1996. In Guadalajara, Jalisco México since 2005

A Name You Can Count On!

Robert Jenkins
CEO and Co-founder of
will visit with us at the LinuxCabal

CloudSigma Cartel

Saturday, February 21 at 16:00 at
The LinuxCabal Headquarters

Admission is FREE

If you are interested in getting to know the clouds as well as CloudSigma you are welcome to attend.

As in all of our reunions we have Coca Cola, 7-Up, Mirinda, Manzana Lift, Pañafiel, Corona Dark, Corona Light, Espressos, Macchiatos, Café Lattes, Cappuchinos, CarameLattes, Chai Lattes, Café Americano, Café au Lait, Hot American style Chocolate, Hot Mexican style Chocolate, Stash Teas herbal and cafeinated, Monin Cofee Flavorings
and at the supper at 19:00 we will serve our famous SpaghettiCabal
All of our coffee drinks are available with decaf.

Dont miss this opportunity to meet the members of the GNU & Linux and "Free and Open Source Software" communities in Guadalajara.

Come to "LEARN", "TEACH" and "SOCIALIZE"

Click here to view a video of the presentation