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GIT Course

The course starts
Saturday August 6, 2011
from 11:00 to 14:00 hrs
At the LinuxCabal headquarters

This couse is part of an exchange of courses with
Innox of Guadalajara.

We will teach them Git and they will teach us
Zend Framework intermediate-advanced.

Thank You Innox for your flexibility and help to the community.


Have git installed; preferably on Fedora 15
su -c 'yum -y install git-all meld'

Read one or more of the online git tutorials:

The course lasts 3 days; 3 hours per day (not rigarous)

The Course Outline

More than anything, we are going to focus on learning how to work in a distributed manner. We'll start with the basics and then move on to Work-flow.

Finally we will explore the different apps and add-ons that exist for git.

As an auxiliary project, the participants will, in order to strengthen their understanding, transcribe the course into the LinuxCabal wiki.

The course is totally free to any and all who wish to attend. The teachers and teachers aids are donating their time ... We invite each and every student to contribute a small amount to LinuxCabal, A.C. who are providing the facilities, equipment and time, absolutely without charge, which is why we can offer the course free to all. Don't you think that a small contribution is in order? ;=)

Info for the account of LinuxCabal, A.C. in order to donate via inter-bank transfer