Asociación Civil

for the GNU & Linux and F/OSS (Free and Open Source Software) communities
Founded in 1996. In Guadalajara, Jalisco México since 2005

A Name You Can Count On!


The original LinuxCabal was the result of the efforts and hard work of many people and organizations. In the biginning of the 90's the OS/2 users group, a part of the San Francisco PC Users group (SFpcUG), met regularly at Richard Couture's home. Richard and his roommate Michael Nelson discovered GNU & Linux on the Internet and Richard decided to replace his AT&T Unix 3.1 with it. The GNU & Linux machine was used to gate E-Mail and UseNet News between the Internet and the SFpcUG BBS system which was also at Richard's home. Members of the OS/2 Users group became very interested in the GNU & Linux system and eventually formed a small subgroup to study GNU & Linux.

In 1995 Richard decided to open the CoffeeNet, a restaraunt with free Internet access, Email and Web Pages for it's clients. The systems were all GNU & Linux based and the restaraunt became the spot for spontaneous GNU & Linux oriented meetings and events. It became obvious to all that there was a need to formalise these adhoc encounters and the LinuxCabal was officially founded to provide space and services to the growing GNU & Linux community of the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area. Consequently, the history of the LinuxCabal is directly tied into the history of the CoffeeNet and the history of it's members. For many, the CoffeeNet and the LinuxCabal were synonymous.

You can use Google to search for CoffeeNet and LinuxCabal [1] [2] in order to see the huge number of references that exist detailing the rich history of the LinuxCabal. Below are 3 articles about the LinuxCabal and one article about a historic event which had positive consequences world wide.

The LinuxCabal has had the priviledge of hosting many events featuring many of the pioneers of the Linux, GNU and Open Source communities.

Article in the San Francisco Chronicle Dicember 30, 1999

Microsoft Refund Day February 15, 1999

Article in Business Wire Septiember 21, 1999

Article in PigDog Journal January 28, 2000

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